Calendar of Events
Rotary Clubhouse Rental
Maysville Rotary Reaches Out to the Community...Click Here For Complete Article

Maysville Rotary Officers - 2013-14
The Rotary Club of Maysville recently elected Michael Parker as President for the year 2013-14...Click Here For Complete Article

Our Newest Members
Maysville Rotary Welcomes New Members
The Maysville Rotary is proud to announce 4 new members to their club in June and July, 2013....Click Here For Complete Article

34th Annual Horse Show
34th Annual Rotary Horse Show
The 34th annual Rotary horse show is over and now the memories of the show live on. ...Click Here For Complete Article

2 Bridge Run
Maysville Rotary's 2 Bridge Run
Join us in the second 2 Bridge Run through downtown Maysville and Aberdeen. Also, a 5K Run/Walk starts in Aberdeen at the Middle School. Fun for all!...Click Here For Complete Article

Meeting Times
Upcoming Meetings
Maysville Rotary meets every Tuesday, 11:45 - 1:00 at the Rotary Clubhouse located at 204 Bridge Street in downtown Maysville. Meetings have great speakers and marvelous lunches. If interested in becoming a member, please come to one of our meetings....Click Here For Complete Article

Who We Are
Maysville Rotary History of Club Presidents
Maysville Rotary was founded in 1923. Listed are the past presidents of the club since its beginning....Click Here For Complete Article

District 6740 Website
District 6740 Website...Click Here For Complete Article

Rotary International
Link to Rotary International's Website....Click Here For Complete Article

Rotary By-Laws
Maysville Rotary By-Laws
The Maysville Rotary revised their by-laws in 2009. Attached is a copy of the latest by-laws. Jackie Sue Wright, Rotarian and local attorney helped with the revision and the final draft....Click Here For Complete Article

Rotary International
Rotary International
Rotary International...Click Here For Complete Article

Special Events
The Music Committee is busy preparing for the return of sing-a-longs at our meetings. The sing-a-longs have disappeared from our meetings and President Xandy Stewart has requested the singing be brought back.

The committee consists of:
Vicki Steigleger - Chairman
Barb Campbell
Stocky Wood
Eric Patterson
Laurie McKnight

Before each meeting, it is recommend that we warm up our vocal cords and sing out loud and clear. Hopefully, some of our members can carry a tune and will sing louder to cover the lesser musically talented one.

Those on the committee that, at various times, play the piano are: Vicki Steigleger, Barb Campbell, and Stocky Wood. Eric Patterson can accompany with his guitar.

Fun should start soon. ...Click Here For Complete Article

ShelterBox USA

Each ShelterBox provides critical shelter and warmth for up to 10 people.

Each Shelterbox goes immediately and directly to the people who need it most - where need is not always defined by national boundaries....Click Here For Complete Article

Rotary Scholarships
Maysville Rotary MCTC Scholarship
In its continued effort to promote literacy & education of young people, Maysville Rotary Club has renewed itís Maysville Community & Technical College annual scholarship program....Click Here For Complete Article

Maysville Rotary Club MCTC Scholarship Requirements
What do you need to qualify? Read on......Click Here For Complete Article

Rotary Projects
Rotary Club of Maysville is offering assistance with basic spring yard work for the third year....Click Here For Complete Article

Putting For a Purpose
...Click Here For Complete Article

Maysville Rotary Club's Annual Projects
Maysville Rotary has many projects that they sponsor annually....Click Here For Complete Article

District Messages
Ambassadorial Scholarship Opportunity
Ambassadorial Scholarship Opportunity
...Click Here For Complete Article

Why Join Rotary?
Have you ever wondered why you should join Rotary? This document should help answer some questions about Rotary International and how it very well may be a good fit for you....Click Here For Complete Article

Getting Started With Rotary
Would you like to join the greatest and oldest service organization in the world? This document will help with your efforts....Click Here For Complete Article